Workshop May 26, 2021#

Goals of workshops#

  • Learning core concepts and technology of IN-CORE

  • Learning IN-CORE platform by developing a Jupyter notebook

  • Damage analysis for Buildings and Electric Power Facilities due to earthquake and tornado


  • Basic python knowledge (or programming knowledge)

  • IN-CORE account

  • Familiarity with Jupyter notebooks


  • All the sessions will use Jupyter Notebook

  • Hands-on session

    • The half-complete Jupyter Notebook will be provided

    • Cells will be indicated with comments showing instructions

    • Files are provided if needed for the hands-on exercise


  1. Overview of IN-CORE & User Workshop Objectives

    • Introduction (pdf)

    • Platform introduction (pdf)

  2. Hazard (Earthquake, Tornado)

  3. Damage Analysis (Buildings and EPF)

  4. Visualization of Outputs

  5. Use Case - How to do research with IN-CORE

    • Yousef Darestani Galveston Island Socio-Physical Damage Analysis (presentation starts at 3:33:45 of Recording_1948x1096.mp4)

    • Dylan Sanderson A Spatially Explicit Decision Support Framework for Parcel- and Community-Level Resilience Assessment using Bayesian Networks (pdf)

Download the full directory of the files above: