Tutorials and Tips

Tutorials and Tips#

This page contains more in-depth guides for using pyIncore and IN-CORE system in general. It is broken up into introductory and advanced sections.

You may use these tutorials as a self-paced course to learn the platform thoroughly. However, each section is fairly independent, so those already familiar with pyIncore can jump into any section.

You can also check out IN-CORE resources for other materials to help you navigate through terminology and practices, and a FAQ section in this Manual. We encourage IN-CORE users to contribute improve the knowledge base. contact us with suggestions for expanding and extending Tutorials.

  1. Create Dataset

  2. Create DFR3 Object

  3. Create Earthquake

  4. Create Tornado

  5. Retrofit Plan Joplin

  6. Create Network Dataset

  7. Create Local Hazard

More tutorials will be added soon.

Download the full Notebooks: